1st Tourist Trophy Psychiko

Αναβίωση Tourist Trophy Ψυχικού

Dear friends,

Organized by the Hellenic Motorcycle Museum - Motorcycle Republik and the Municipality of Filothei-Psychiko. co-organizer FILPA and supported by Guzzisti Hellas, in October 16, 2016 will take place the revival of a historical motorcycle event the first motorcycle race, which is being carried out in Greece from between 1929 and 1968: the revival of the Tourist Trophy Psychiko.. It is a Regularity event (according to the regulations of FIVA) on the footsteps of the 1929 first path.


With the participation of motorcycles from 1928 until 1968. The bikes, riders, participants and the event itself, will be in the mood and color of a bygone era, with many surprises.

We invite you to participate, either as competitors or as spectators and be sure that you will be rewarded.

Save the date! Sunday, October 16, 2016

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