New Collaborations with Museums

The Motorcycle Яepublik Museum (Hellenic Motorcycle Museum) has long launched an initiative to create a network of museums or private collections of classic motorcycles around the world.

The beginning was made from friends, at first, as you've already seen at Links section.

The aim of this move is to offer you the opportunity to admire these collections online —as well as to visit them in a trip on these places— but also to create collaborations between museums.

  November 2014

We are pleased to introduce you the new collaboration of our museum, Motorcycle Яepublik, with the museum:

It is a special collection of motorcycles manufactured in Hungary, such as Pannonia, Csepel, Danuvia and other. It is exciting to meet a different 'school' of motorcycles whose characteristics we know little about.

  October 2014

We are pleased to introduce you four new collaborations :